01 Machine construction

Machine construction and prototyping have been in LVP's DNA since its inception.

Whether it is a small machine that can save extra handling in the production process, or a complete production line where you start with the components and finished products come out the other end, the team of LVP engineers always follows the same philosophy:

  • Check whether there are standard solutions on the market that can be used or adapted/deployed;
  • If not, check the feasibility of the demand against the available budget;
  • In the case of a positive assessment, the simplest solution is always chosen;
  • Simple also means robust, easy to maintain, durable and energy-efficient. These are factors that positively influence production costs.
  • Safety for staff and the environment is paramount in the design and end result.
  • If required, a maintenance plan will be drawn up.

The drive for the best solution has already led to several patents.

Machines that are subsequently built in larger quantities are analysed for possible weaknesses, which strengthens our position as market leader. What is important to the customer is also important to LVP: transparent calculation methods, solidity, ease of maintenance, speed (cycle time).



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